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car wraps

Liquid Wraps/Plasti Dip

We also offer Plasti Dip and Pro level Liquid wrap Services. If you are looking into creating a custom look for your car, this is an effective way to achieve a unique looking vehicle. There are many options available, you can dip your wheels or even your entire car! Just like vinyl wraps, this also provides a great protection to your vehicle’s paint job. And it is fully reversible and 100% safe to the original paint. With an endless amount of colors to choose from including OEM, the sky is the limit when it comes to customization options! These options are open to all vehicles, even the most curvaceous and aggressive.


Quality California vinyl wraps

Car wraps are one of the best way to advertise. At Calidips, you can get the best car wraps in Ventura County. We are ready to create a unique and creative look to suit all your needs! It’s never easy to make the final decision, but our creative designers are ready to tackle any obstacles to convey any messages through your car wrap. We deliver a promise of providing unique and exclusive designs of car wraps, including the paint correction liquid wrap.

We specialize in planning, designing, manufacturing and installing the custom-made car wrap for your car. We can include your photographs, illustrations, bullet points, logos, tag lines or can be one basic color, just to make your automobile look different from the others.

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