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california paint & body collision repair

The amount of bad driver and crazy people driving under influence is an everyday horror story. But if you are on this site that means the bad dreams are over!

If you need your bumper fixed or by bad luck you got into a more serious incident – our expert team is here to help! The materials used in new cars are high-tech and have many sensitive inner parts. In these days only modern and well-equipped companies can provide you top-notch repair. We can work directly with your insurance and get your car back to new again.
You don’t have to dread the headache using untrustworthy, sketchy repair shops. Calidips is ready to tackle any damage and problem.
Let Calidips fix the problem for you! We have an expert staff that can fix any unsightly paint & body problems. Many people think that paint & body repairs are super costly expenses. Let us give you quote and you may be shocked at how affordable it is make your car look like new again! Once your car is done being fixed, we also offer the ability to add a ceramic coating which will protect your newly painted car!

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