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california window tinting


It is just a call away! It’s a great way to look and feel cool! Driving in California without window tint can be a very tiresome experience. We all know the power of Sun on first hand basis and we all like to enjoy a bit more privacy on the open roads too.

We offer films that protect against the harmful U/V rays of the Sun. These films have various options for shade and different level of U/V protection, we are happy to help to choose the best one to suit your needs!

Window tinting is important for several reasons. While heat protection is the first thing we all think of, with the reduced amount of U/V rays the window tint provides protection for the interior protecting anything from the passenger’s skin and also protects the interior of your vehicle. This could prevent cracking and fading of the dashboard and interior while making the vehicle look great. There are more reasons, better driving conditions with up to 90 percent glare protection and enhanced privacy.

​Without any doubt you will get the best experience at Calidips, as we know how important your car is to you and you want it to look the best. We specialize in window tint installation and provide specialized professionals who window tint your car for you. We provide our clients with the most trusted and durable products as our client’s satisfaction means the most to us.

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